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Please use the term "Long John" in the subject line of your mail. Otherwise your message might get trapped in my spam filter.

Or just use the contact form below:

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Generally I try to answer mails as soon as possible. If you don´t get any reply within two weeks please try again. Perhaps the message transfer failed and I didn´t receive your mail. Thanks!


I´d like to thank all the people who supported me collecting Long John stuff and building these webpages. Special thanks to:

Alan N., Denmark
Alexander R., Sweden
Bernd G., Germany
Christian S., Germany
Heike S., Germany
Hermann B., Germany
Henrik H., Denmark
Henrik S., Denmark
Henry C., Netherlands
Jimmi J., Denmark
Jürgen K., Germany
Kai-Martin K., Germany
Karsten G., Germany
Konrad G., Germany
Lane K., USA
Lars E., Germany
Lars Erik J., Sweden
Michael K., Sweden
Michael M., Germany
Morten H., Denmark
Moz, Australia
Per A., Sweden
Peter Z., Germany
Ralf T., Switzerland
Stan T., Denmark
Stephan T., Germany
Steve T., Sweden
Steven H., USA
Todd B., USA
Tom A., Netherlands
Willem K., Netherlands
William P., USA
Wolfgang H., Austria

(hope I didn´t miss anyone...)

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